Uncle Ernest | Alan Sillitoe | Analytical essay

Analyse (analytical essay) af teksten “Uncle Ernest” som er skrevet af Alan Sillitoe.

The short story named “Uncle Ernest” written by Alan Sillitoe, covers a very important subject in the lives of most people. It is obvious from the very beginning that the story is about loneliness, p.1 lines 40-46. “… in a slow and concentrated way that lonely men have” says much about his whereabouts.

If he sits at a bar drinking like a lonely man alone, he must not have much joy in his life. However, many people feel lonely, old and young, rich and poor, men and women. That is what the story is mostly regarding.

And yet, the story also covers subjects as joy, and how quickly it can disappear once you’ve found it. “Uncle Ernest” is a part of Alan Sillitoe’s short-story collection named “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner” which is from 1959. Alan Sillitoe grew up in a working-class family, so it makes good sense that the story is about a poor working-class man who finds himself in a socially middle-class environment.

Analytical essay regarding “Uncle Ernest” by Alan Sillitoe

TASK 3: Correct the mistakes in the sentences below:
1. Uncle Ernest goes to work every day and one day he meets two girls who are sisters.
2. The girls want more and more money from Ernest, and he gives them what they want.
3. Everyday Uncle Ernest sees the girls and he does not feel lonely and he stop drinking.
4. The girls that are in the cafe are very poor and hungry.
5. Ernest’s drinking problem starts again.
6. The girls’ mother works very much.
7. The short story is written by Alan Sillitoe.
8. One day there comes two girls into the cafe.
9. During world war 2 Uncle Ernest were in France but he did not die.
10. Two men comes to his table and tell him never to see the girls again.

As mentioned, the story is about this guy Ernest who works as an upholsterer. He eats alone at the same café, ordering the same thing every day, just observing his surroundings. He does that a lot, and that it is because he is a war veteran. It clearly affects him.

“I should be dead with the rest of them in France”, p. 2 line 38. It is one of the reasons he is having a hard time with living a “normal” life, meaning that he doesn’t have any friends and just keep observing rather than acting. One day he meets two little girls, because they sit at his table at the café.

At first, he is fully occupied with eating his food, but when the little girl started crying over not getting permission to buy a cake, he offers to buy one for her, p. 4 lines 42-43. That is the beginning of the friendship between Ernest and the two girls. The girls visit him every day during the next couple of weeks, and he thanks them by giving them gifts and food, p. 5 lines 48-49, p. 6 lines 25-26...

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