Uncle Dougie’s Suitcase | Analyse | Alastair Chisholm

Most people know about the feeling of temptation. To do something when you know you shouldn’t. The temptation of breaking rules.

The temptation is so strong that most people forget about the potential consequences. The short story “Uncle Dougie’s Suitcase” by Alastair Chisholm from 2018 is about this exact feeling.

The main theme of the short story “Uncle Dougie’s suitcase” is the temptation of breaking rules and doing the forbidden. However, it is also about the potential consequences of doing so.

As a result of Douglas being caught looking through Uncle Dougie’s suitcase, the uncle shows understanding. “‘It’s always tempting, eh?’ […] ‘To look when you know you shouldn’t’” (p. 2, l. 50), the uncle says.

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