‘Departure Time’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

Have you ever felt trapped in your own home? The anxious feeling of not being able to be yourself eats you up inside.

You wish to escape, but you’re not sure if running Is a choice or even if it will lead to a more extraordinary life. The constant dark thoughts mixed with the blatant cultural differences result in a cocktail called an escape plan.

You swallow it, and now you’re on the run. The short story “Departure Time” from 2013, written by Tessa Green, thematizes some of these problems and dilemmas.

The short story begins in medias res, which introduces us, readers, to the setting “Patras station is tall and yellow with pale marble floors (…)" and progresses linearly except for Samantha’s fragmented flashbacks.

The language of “Departure Time” is simple and easy to follow. Most of the story is delivered in the narrative mode.

The narrator has also incorporated descriptions of present moments with the character’s flashbacks from the past to the language. The choice of words is connected to travelling, family life, and cultural differences, which is also the short story's main themes.

The author uses imagery to deliver mental images about the setting that Samantha is experiencing “Out the carriage window, she sees orange trees like lollipops dotted with fruits.”

Departure Time's language also consists of a wide range of rhetorical and literary devices such as similes, metaphors, symbols, rhetorical questions, and foreshadowing.

We can see various metaphors in the short story. An example of that is when the author writes, “As the woman’s hand settles on the top of 14A, the chair twists around and the woman twirls and crumples (…)”.

The metaphor appears when the author says that the woman “Twirls and crumples”. It is physically impossible for a human being to crumble and twist, but this metaphor is used to explain and exaggerate how badly the woman got hurt when she fell.

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