Taking flight, by ben tanzer | Analytical essay

In this analytical essay, the short story “Taking Flight” by Ben Tanzer will be analysed and interpreted, with special focus on setting, narration, characterization and theme.

The short story "Taking Flight" written by Ben Tanzer shed light on the psychical effects, the social media give rise to. Tanzer weaves back and forth through the romanticism and pleasant of the unknown, by symbolically deriding the very essence of the prosaic (Facebook).

From a poetical perspective, and in the limited point of view of a wondering, restless and thoughtful woman , Tanzer presents a counteractive stance to the monotony of relationships. He does this, by given the chance to peek into this mysterious world of possibility and risks with just one click of the mouse.

The short story takes us through the desperate, frantic thoughts of a young Millennial, by writing in an omniscient second person-point of view .

The second person narrative perspective is mainly employed in self-help books or works, where the author wants to speak directly to the readers about themselves; consequently, the author wants us to identify with this young woman by writing from this point of view.

We are in an integral setting.

The setting influences the theme, characters and the action of this short story. The psychical type of setting “Taking Flight” is written in, controls the characters and by confining certain characters to a particular setting, the author defines the character he wants us to identify with (the narrator).

The setting is marked by retrospects, in the narrator’s mind - we are therefore not in a physical environment or particular place, because due to the integral setting, Tanzer wants the setting (the narrator’s mind) to be connected with the theme; what psychical effects the social media have.

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