In today’s world, we can find American products in almost every city in the world. This is due to the Americans being great at expanding their businesses to other countries.

This means that more and more people will get used to American products, and probably not even be aware that they are buying American products.

When I bought a burger at McDonald’s last week, I did not think to myself that I just bought a burger from an American burger chain.

Some American companies are indeed dominating some markets in other countries with their businesses, but I do not think it is Americanization.

And even though they are dominating some markets, they still have to adapt to every single market. They cannot start businesses in other countries, without following the different regulations that there is in the countries.

Although we have many American products and restaurants in, for example, Denmark, it is not a bad thing.

All these things are providing jobs for our country, which is a good thing. The bad side of it is that all the money that the companies generate after-tax, will go back to the US, where it will be spent.

So, we lose some money that could have been spent in Denmark, and that would have been better for the Danish economy