Is Technology Taking Over | Essay

In the TED-talk “When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?” (2018) by Professor Nitah Farahany, she states that future scientific intelligence could have a huge impact on our personal lives.

In her short anecdote, she talks about how she would call her family from Iran, and whenever she mentioned protests or wars, they would change subject in the fear of being overheard.

How are we supposed to protect our personal data, if a computer is capable of reading our thoughts? Nowadays a device is capable of tracking our brain activity and read our minds.

The author, professor Nitah Farahany, makes her position of power extremely clear at the beginning of the TED-talk, by mentioning her work and education.

“As a bioethicist, a lawyer, a philosopher and an Iranian American…” (p. 1, l. 13). She appeals to ethos, by convincing the doubtful readers to listen to her.

Her reliability, therefore, gets bigger, since she’s talking from facts. While talking about her profession, she also talks about her university and her study:

“In fact, in my lab at Duke University, we recently conducted a nationwide study in the United States to see if people appreciated the sensitivity of their brain information.”

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