In-Flight Entertainment | Analytical essay

Most people evolve through their lives. Through personal experiences, other people, ups and downs and education.

Some people have firm opinions when it comes to topics as behavior, respect, politics, refugees and climate changes.

Sometimes, when things don’t go its usual way, opinions can be challenged. This can make people develop and force new perspectives on serious matters.

One of the main themes is climate change. After the accident, with of the passengers, the plane must make an emergency landing before reaching Chicago.

It is not a coincidence that the plane is forced down in Goose Bay close to Greenland. Jeremey tells Alan the stop in Goose Bay. Alan doesn’t seem to know where Goose Bay is.

Then he asks Jeremy, where it is. Then Alan replies: “It's north of Newfoundland. We'll be up near Greenland, or what's left of it."(L 160).

Alan believes that Mother Earth will fix itself, but is confronted with pure facts, and Jeremy’s opinion, when forced to a stop in Goose Bay.

Alan wants to watch North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, because he believes that it is a retro and easy to eat by film. His favorite scene is, when Gary Grant survives an attack by an airplane, while the airplane is dusting crops and scooting at him.

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