Analytical Essay | Engelsk

Social media is said to be as addicting as cocaine. Especially so-called millennials are having trouble breaking that addiction, and it’s making a negative impact in their lives. In order to try and get out of this everlasting circle, millennials try to complete various challenges, where social media is cut out.

They often fail these challenges, however, proving how addicted they truly are. The purpose of this essay is, therefore, to analyze “I deleted all my social media accounts last year. Here’s how my life has changed.” by Gina van Thomme. My focus points in this essay will be to look at Gina’s intention and the argumentative features she uses, and finally conclude whether her message is successful or not.

The sender of this text is Gina van Thomme, a millennial, who was caught up in the addiction that is social media. Gina has written a blog post, which was published in The Huffington Post, July 17th, 2018. In this post, Gina discusses the positives about the fact that she has deleted all of her social media accounts, in order to get her life back.

She uses argumentative features to convince her target group, that this could positively impact their lives. The target group being primarily other millennials, who have been in the same spot that she has been in.

“These approaches never worked for long, though. How could they? I’m a millennial.”1 This argument is underlining who her specific target group is, as her point is that social media addiction most often occurs for millennials.

The reason she tries to get the attention of millennials, is because she assumes that they truly know, what it’s like to be as addicted as she once was. Through them, she would therefore have a much higher chance of communicating her message. However, it sometimes seems as if she forgets where she came from.

“I’ve learned that I don’t fit neatly into 140 or 280 characters, or an “about me” section, or even an entire website.” This statement could come across as a bit rude, as it seems like she suggests that people who haven’t chosen her renewed lifestyle, does fit into 140 or 280 characters.

She writes as if she stands on a pedestal looking down on people who are yet to follow her path.

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