The First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a speech at an Education Event at Bell Multicultural High School D.C. In the speech, she focuses on getting people to know the importance of education after high school. She wants all student in the country to go further after they graduate in high school and move on to college or university.

In this analytical essay, I am going to focus on the sender, receiver and the purpose of the speech. At last, I will draw connections between Mrs. Obama's story and how it affects the receiver. Why does she share this story and what can the students get out of it?

The sender of the speech is Mrs. Obama. She is the wife of President Barack Obama. She is the First Lady of USA. She went to one of the best high schools in Chicago. When she graduated from high school she attended Princeton an Ivy League University. Later she went to law school where she became a lawyer.

You could also say, that Mr. Obama is the sender. She mentions his name and what he wants to achieve as the President of the USA. Therefore, you could say that she speaks on behalf of Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Obama is very credible because of her title. Therefore, she appeals to the receiver’s ethos. You can feel that she truly wants the best for these kids and wants them to have a successful life.

You can see this on line 36 to 40 on page 2. Also, when her husband Mr. Obama first came into office, one of the very first things he did was to set what he calls a North Star goal for the entire country, meaning; “that by the year 2020, the year that all of you will be graduating from college, that this country will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.” This quotation is from line 25 to 28 on page 1.