Hello and a warmly welcome to all of you.

My name is YYY XXX, and I am a former student at an American High School. I went to America last year and went to school at Venice High School, Florida.

Today I am going to speak about the importance of sports in the American High School system, because it is very different from the sport in the Danish High Schools.

I will also tell you about the pros and cons, and what I liked the most about my stay in America. After today I hope that I have convinced all of you, to try it out, and go to America for a year.

The family I lived with was also a very sporty family, which was very much into sports. They supported their son at every game, and helped him practice at home, and drove him everywhere the sport took him.

They did all that because they know how important sports can be, and what kind of future their son can get if he becomes one of the best at his sport. Even though my host family had enough money to pay for his education, they still had the idea of him becoming a pro, and getting a life with luxury and wealth.

I talked to him a lot, and through the year I found out that he really sucks at everything except for football. His grades in school were terrible, and then I asked him. “Why aren’t you focusing on school, so you can get a great education?”.

He then answered that football is the only thing he is good at and that school always have been a problem for him. It made me think about the movie called “Friday night lights”, have any of you guys seen it?