Good afternoon everybody, I am very pleased to be here today. I am also a student here at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and for those who may not know me, I am Patrick Claesen.

I am here today to give a speech on how the American Dream has changed over time. The American Dream, the symbol for the endless possibilities offered to those who have the convic-tion to work hard, is on the edge of disappearance.

It is obvious for all of us that the American Dream is definitely not conspicuous as it used to be generations ago.

I as well as any other citizen in this country have witnessed how the American Dream almost vanished without a trace, and it is pretty clear that something must be done in order to reinvigorate our own understanding of the belief.

I have divided my talk into two parts. Firstly, I will account for and comment on different perceptions of the American Dream, and secondly, I will discuss what it takes to achieve it in today’s America.

I plan to speak for about ten minutes. I will be happy to answer your question at the end of my presen-tation.