The American Dream Thrives under a Recession | Engelsk

Some individualists may say that the American dream for them is the opportunity to live equally regardless of race ethnicity, culture etc.

whilst others perceive the American dream as a wish to gain material success such as a home through hard work, determination, and initiative.

Regardless of one’s perception of the American dream, it will to a certain extent differ due to the world-wide known pandemic that has made thousands lose their jobs.

Moreover, the number of new started business is said to be around 1,4 million between June and September according to Inc. magazine that covers small emerging business .

This shows that Americans do not cry in despair in such financially hard situations but move forward and take things into their own hands to support their families and achieve success which is exactly what the American dream is for some .

Therefore , the American dream is alive, attainable, and thriving especially under a recession. However, the American dream is not alive, attainable nor thriving for all American citizens .

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