The American Dream and Boat Refugees

Many people travel each year to the United states. Some for a holiday, some to study and some because they have no other option. Every year we read headlines of immigrants who have died trying to cross the ocean. But what drives these people to sacrifice their life and what makes them willing to take the risk?

All the people on this boat have different backgrounds, some are Columbians and some Brazilians. But every single one of them have a different reason to want to start fresh.

Some are escaping war, some are sick of corruption and others to give their children a better life, but when asking them why, they all have the same answer “Because we had no other choice” These people are very aware of the risks in this journey, but they are willing to take them anyway, because they believe that whatever is next can only be better. And I ́m sure that for a lot of them this is true.

But not all of them will be success stories. When confronting them with this, they simply smile and reply “No, but at least we will have a fair chance, this is after all the land of opportunities” Referring to the American Dream.

For most of them this is true. Most of them are from places, were waking up the next morning is a miracle.

And looking at the women getting of the boat, a place where they will be equal to the male sex. When thinking about the conditions they come from, then properly I would have made the same decision, had I been in their shoes.

Knowing the risks, they have taken, I feel sorry for them. They have been forced to take extreme measures without really knowing what would come next.

But also, because I know were most of them will end up. They will have to work two jobs to feed their family. End up in crime. I feel sorry for them because I’m afraid they won’t get what they wanted or hoped for.

I don’t think America will be able to give them the opportunities they expected. The American Dream is not what it has been, and it is only getting harder and harder for people in the low end of society to even have a fair chance.

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