Do Americans believe in the American Dream | Essay

The American Dream is the idea that all men are created equal. It’s about fulfilling your dreams through hard work and education to get happiness, liberty and overall a good life.

It is said in the article “Still believing in the American Dream” by CBS News, that the percentage of people believing in the American Dream fell from 72 percent in 2009, to 64 percent in December 2014.

By looking at the following texts “Still believing in the American Dream” by CBS News, 9/6 - 2015 and “Who Still Believes in the American Dream?” by Chris Arnade

The Atlantic, 9/23 - 2015, this paper will discuss the reason why people stop believing in the American Dream.

You cannot live your life by believing in a dream. You have to work really hard and take care of your family and yourself a lot of Americans believe.

Americans criticize the American dream, but also their country, which is at a deeper level. Robert McAdams says he is afraid it all slides down to hell, because of the politicians.

They broke their values, sold to people that only care about money and themselves and stopped believing in people working with their hands.

If they don’t believe in their own country and their values, it is hard to believe in an American dream that builds on their country.

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