Obama’s speech on the ‘American Dream’ | Analytical essay

Barack Obama held a speech the 7th of November 2007 in the state Iowa located in the United States of America. Obama is talking about the American Dream.

USA has since the beginning of the country’s history been known as Land of the free and the new world. So, many people moved there to get a better life than in Europa.

The language in this speech is very positive against the reader. He uses many adjective and nouns especially because the whole subject of the speech is about the “American Dream”.

He does that because he wants to inspire the readers, so he can get a form of positive feeling from the readers, so he eventually can become president.

In his speech ethos is imprinted, you can see an example on l. 11-12: “But as I've traveled around Iowa and the rest of the country these last nine months, I haven't been struck by our differences - I've been impressed by the values and hopes that we share.”

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