During the election in America in 2020, Michelle Obama held a speech at the Democratic Conven-tion.

Michelle Obama is a former first lady for the United States, and Barack Obama’s wife, which is America’s former president.

This makes her a very good candidate for the speech. Michelle Obama’s main point in the speech is to make all Americans realize how bad society has become after four years with Donald Trump in the lead.

Another way of making the speech personal is by telling about her opinions and personal relation-ship with Joe Biden; “I know Joe. He is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith.”

As said earlier Michelle Obama is married to Barack Obama, which is America’s former president. It gives her a lot of credibility because her husband has done a lot of good things for the country, and everyone knows who she is.

The other way she uses ethos is by reminding the audience of the success Barack Obama had and then telling how bad it became when Donald Trump was president afterward.

She does that by informing everyone that more than 150.000 people have died, the economy is very bad because he handled the covid-19 pandemic wrong, people struggle to take care of their necessities, and so on.

The effect of talking bad about Donald Trump is to get the audience to vote for Joe Biden instead because then he sounds like a much more suitable candidate.

Michelle Obama does not use statistics in her speech, because she talks from her heart and with her own opinions.