‘Michelle Obama DNC speech’ | Analytical essay

The United States of America faces a presidential election, and the former first lady, Michelle Obama, is in this speech telling her story

and gives her opinion on who she thinks should be the next president of the United States of America.

Michelle Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention in 2020 and the speech is called “Michelle Obama DNC speech,” and ere held august 18. 2020.

To achieve this Michelle Obama uses the three modes of persuasion and primarily the appeal form pathos.

With use of pathos she tries to touch the readers’ feelings by speaking about the children of the country and how many lives has been on stake in the last four years.

She expresses her feelings as well and says that: “You know how much I care about all of our children. ” Most of the words she uses when she is referring to Donald Trump and his leadership is a negative connotation, for instance:

“He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. ” The function of these kind of sentences is to put Trump in bad lightning and make him a villain to the readers of the speech.

Furthermore, Michele Obama herself is ethos because of her positon in the society and in the whole world. She is a reliable source and a trustworthy person.

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