Analytical Essay of Obama’s 2020 DNC speech

USA consists of a federal government where the president of the United States controls the country. This has been the case for severaldecades.

A presidential election is essential for USA and its citizens. It is a battle between two political parties, where two candidates from each party fight for the spot as president.

The winning candidate who becomes presidentgets to represent the political beliefs and values of the party.Before the final results for the presidential election 2020, former president Barack Obama held a speech to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Obama has chosen to use a rhetorical device regarding the Americans circumstances with the government:

“I understand why a new immigrant might look around this country and wonder whether there's still a place for him here; why a young person might look at politics right now, the circus of it all, the meanness and the lies and crazy conspiracy theories and think, what's the point?” .

He talks about how confused immigrants and young people feel about the government. Shortly afterwards, he puts the audience in focus by explaining why people have trust issues with the government.

He says that the government can’t win you over with their policies and therefore they will make it very hard to vote.

To stop this, the Americans need to stand together to get their country back. He urges the population to vote by giving them this feeling that they are special and that they actually have a big impact.

During his speech, Obama makes use of linguistic features to build op his argument. He uses alliteration when he says: “I understand why a white factory worker who's seen his wages cut…” . The sentence consists of many words starting with the letter “w”.

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