The following essay will be based on an excerpt from Obama’s 2020 DNC speech. The essay will be focused on modes of persuasion, argumentation, and rhetorical devices.

The analysis will end up in an understanding of how the language instruments speaker's language instruments affect the listeners.

The speaker is Barack Obama, who was a former president of the United States. The purpose of the speech is to persuade the people who have the right to vote and thus have the opportunity to choose Joe Biden instated of Donald Trump.

The last mode of appeal that appears in the speech is pathos. Pathos appears in the form of the following quotations:

“It allowed for the inhumanity of slavery and failed to guarantee women -- and even men who didn't own property -- the right to participate in the political process.”

“We improved this Constitution to include the voices of those who'd once been left out” “I didn't know I'd end up finding a brother” This mode of appeal is aimed at listeners’ here and now.

So, when David Hogg uses pathos, he tries to arouse a feeling among listeners to convince them of his point of view. In this situation

Barack Obama appeals by mentioning “we” and how much the country has grown since slavery. The speaker uses the word “we” which makes the speaker try to involve listeners and create pathos through it.

When using Toulmin’s model of argumentation, one could argue that the main claim Barack Obama proposes is that he is convincing the population to vote for Joe Biden.

It appears during the speech instance when he says: “Joe and I” Using the above quote as his main claim, he often uses the term Joe and I, to support that he agrees with many of Joe Biden’s positions.