Obama’s 2020 DNC speech analysis

The speech is epideictic, as Barack Obama is praising Joe Biden. He tells the people about all the times that Joe Biden has helped him avoid or get through huge crises. While he does that, he talks about, how Donald Trump is using his power to help himself and his own friends, while he does nothing for the American population.

The speech also has some deliberative elements, as Obama is trying to convince the people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He does that by telling the people, that The Trump administration are tearing down the democracy, so they have to help building it up by voting for Biden and Harris.

The speaker is Barack Obama, who is the former president of the United States. Barack Obama is very trustworthy, when it comes to an election in America, as he was the president for 8 years.
The topic of this speech is the upcoming election in the United States.

It corresponds really well with the circumstances, which is the upcoming election, which is going to happen around 2 months from the speech. Also, the speech is given by the former president of the United States.

The audience of this speech is the American population, who are going to vote at the election in America.

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