Obama’s 2020 DNC speech | Analysis

This speech by former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, took place the 20th of August 2020, at the Democratic National Convention.

This speech has the purpose of encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election which has just taken place.

The fact that Obama is a former president, makes his credibility extremely reliable, as the speeches primary topic is about the presidency.

The most important thing about a speech, is the language. You want your language to be easy to understand, so as many people as possible will understand your arguments.

Obama does that, by talking slowly and formal. Even though the speech is formal, his choice of words is still on a ‘normal’ level, so every American will understand him.

He explains how he will perform this speech in the beginning. “So tonight, I want to talk as plainly as I can about the stakes in this election.” P1,L2.

If he wants people to hear his whole speech, and take what he says to consideration, he needs to catch the listeners early on.

He does that by demonstrating the biggest accomplishments the American democracy has seen. He does that by explaining how slavery has been stopped, women have gotten more rights and so on.

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