“Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.”. Those are words coming from Michelle Obama

who believes that there is a future in having Joe Biden as our next president. In this analysis, I will dive deeper into Michelle’s way of utilizing modes of persuasion, as well as linguistic features.

Michelle uses an allusion, where she refers the audience to the slavery, that the nation once went through.

By utilizing allusions Michelle provides a deeper understanding and helps the audience contextualize the slavery story. In the speech, it is also clear that Michelle Obama utilizes the linguistic feature, antithesis.

It is being used when she talks about how Donald Trump and Barack Obama each ran the country. Donald and Barack are both being described as a contrast of each other. In the speech, Michelle says “When my husband left office with Joe Biden at his side, we had a record-breaking stretch of job creation.

We'd secured the right to health care for 20,000,000 people. We were respected around the world, rallying our allies to confront climate change” which is describing Barack as a successful president who had a significant impact on the country.