Analytical essay on” Transcript: Michelle Obama’s DNC speech”

The speaker of the 2020 Democratic National Convention speech, is the American lawyer and former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama. The title of the speech Is called “Michelle Obama’s DNC speech”. She held the speech under the Democratic National Convention on NBC News.

The genre is a political speech because her main focus is to influence and convince the recipients of the political message, and move the recipient to the US prevalent 2020, that is on November 3, 2020.

The theme is policy/politics, because she is sending a message for the American votes before the presidential election, so they have a little bit of a background information on who they will vote for on November 3, 2020.

The speech, Michelle Obama held under the Democratic National Convention is about the presidential election that will happen in November 3, 2020, and she is asking the American voters to “vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it1” and says that Donald Trump “is the wrong president for our country2”.

The hole point of her political speech is that she is bringing up all the bad things that has happened while Donald Trump has been the American president, for example, she is mentioning the pandemic, and she is talking about how bad Donald Trump handled the situation.

He did not care at all and took a really long time before he closed the country down. It effected the American people, and the pandemic got worse in the country.

She is also mentioning school shootings, black people getting shot by white polices in the streets and grocery stores, in front of kids and people and the “black lives matter”

demonstration that happened a couple months ago, and Trump did not do anything about it. He took it all slowly, when he actually had to take the things fast, if he is the American president and “want to make America great again”.

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