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Analytical essay – short story Grace

The American dream

We can all have difficult times in our life. When a person is affected by unhappiness, they are typically in need of interest or are affected by lack of energy.

It is common to people to experience unhappiness if they struggle getting along with their work, friends and family instead of being happy and satisfied. It is a suffering condition, often full of self-blame, lack self-esteem and lack of zest for life. It can be related to incidents or poverty in a person’s life.

“Grace” from Philip Meyer’s novel “American rust” is living proof of how someone can feel down to the fact that they have experienced a tragic situation.

The mood of Grace is characterized by depression. Depression is shown several places in the excerpt for example in this quote:

“Things had been lean. They had waited and waited for the mills to reopen. But the mills just kept laying people off, all up and down the Valley, and then they were closing, and Grace had a young child and that was the end of school for her. There was not a single job to be had. Not two nickels to rub together.”

The quote shows that Grace have been through a harsh time, and haven’t got any chance to educate, because of the mills kept laying people off.

Because Grace doesn’t have any chance to educate, she does not have many opportunities to be able to be a high-wage earner. This also causes her to create financial problems.

In the excerpt Grace suffers from arthritis that she got from her grandmother, which also supports the depressed mood, because she does not have many opportunities with jobs, because of her physical conditions.

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