The American Dream | Engelsk Skriftlig Eksamen

The American Dream is not simply an ordinary dream. It is a dream, and a hope of getting a better life, to start over, and get away from the sufferings that you have experienced in your native country. All immigrants bring along their personal history and culture, for better or for worse, and tries to maintain their values and simultaneously to fit into their new homeland, The United States – the land of opportunities. In the extract from Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open we are giving an insight in, not only, his life and upbringing, but also his dad’s and grandmother’s lives. In the following I will focus on elements such as the relationship between the generations, the style of writing, and autobiography as a genre.

That mentality shows the massive scale between the three generations that we are introduced to. The grandmother’s generation has experienced poverty, while the dad has experienced war, and a need to escape, and to immigrate to another country. The writer, on the contrary, has grown up in The United States with a mom, dad, siblings, and a nice home, but with a dad who has too high expectations to his son. The sender expresses his annoyance towards his old, disgusting, and homesick grandmother because of her desire to control the family.

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