Manuscript – American Politics

It is an honour to be here and lecture all you bright Danish heads a thing or two about American about politics.

My name is John Johnsen and first of all, I would like to say that I know what all you guys are thinking: “What the actual fuck does a Danish guy know about American politics?” That’s a great question and luckily one, out of a lot of, that I can answer.

Two years ago, I took the flight from Bellinge to the United States of America. I graduated from Tietgen Handelsgymnasium in May 2017 and already there I knew that I wanted to settle down in the States. I chose to work in a lovely coffee shop a couple of months and then I could afford the flight tickets and an apartment.

The first day in March 2018 I landed in New York. A little stupid Dane that absolutely didn’t knew anything about American politics. That was a thing that were going to change.

Due to my extremely high grades at Tietgen Handelsgymnasium I good an internship in the White House. I was going to help and learn from one of the best political wise men in the world.

And I can promise every single of you that I learnt a lot. And because that I am such a nice and wonderful lad will I tell all of you the basics of what I learnt.

In the United States of America doesn’t they just have a single parliament as “Folketinget” that we have in Denmark. The US-government is divided in three different groups.

They have the executive which is the president and his cabinet. Then they have the legislature which is the US Congress that contains the Senate and the House of Representatives. And last but not least they have the judiciary which is the courts.

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