Sport and politics mix No it does not.

Nike is a sports brand, Nike has over the past years made many provocative commercials, and has gained a lot of shitstorms, so it affects their economy in a short time.

Furthermore, they got high economy by making these provocative commercials. However, the commercial shows their CSR in a good way.

Although bringing politics into sport can go horribly wrong, it is virtually impossible to separate the two. There will always be some people, who see sport as nothing but a political platform.

The players got a lot of other platforms outside of the field, which they should use instead, because people will grow tired of the players talking and doing other stuff than playing, when people pay to see them play.

If they keep expressing social/political issues on the field, people might stop watching sport and that is not good for the sports world. This is another reason that sport and politics do NOT mix.

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