We need more of Generation Z in politics | Analytical essay

"We need more of Generation Z in politics" is a statement presented by the former mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter.

In order for Gen Z (born 1996 – 2010), to influence and further develop their country (i.e. USA), they need to take action.

In the article, Michael Nutter proposes a number of actions that could improve Gen Z's political participation.

Michael Nutter's article is directed at a broad target group, including both democrats and republicans, as both parties share an interest in increasing political participation among the younger generation.

Nutter introduces himself as the former mayor of Philadelphia and creates a sense of credibility with the use of ethos.

The readers are now more likely to trust Nutter's words, leading them to share his views and taking action on the issue.

Not only does Nutter use ethos, but he also manages to include logos. In the following quote, he uses statistics to substantiate his argument.

"Born after 1996, more than 23 million Gen Zers will be eligible to vote this November, amounting to 10% of all eligible voters.

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