Sports in American High Schools

The High School system in America is all sports lovers dream. You are playing sport while you are in school. If you are good at it can you end up earning a shitload of money. You spend more time playing football, American football etc. than academic education.

My cousin spent last year in an American high school. When he went home, he told me that it was amazing.

He was almost always playing football in the school and he got a close relationship with the other footballers. The ones, like him, that played on the best football team was popular in the school and didn’t had to work hard in the other modules.

There are of.course positive aspects of sport in the American school system. The people who love sport and is committed are going to have a close relationship.

A relationship that would be impossible if you had gone to academic classes all the time. The bond that are evolving between a bunch of guys trying to achieve a common goal is unbreakable.

In addition to that are the way sports in high schools work a golden path to success and wealth for people grown up in poverty.

A lot of them are fighting to get a contract for their families lives. If they don’t succeed to get a contract are, they going into the gangs. That’s a reason to fight and gaining respect from the surroundings.

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