The Demise of Guys, The Myth of Male Decline & Why schools are failing our boys

1. Give an outline of the various attitudes to the masculinity in crisis in the three texts.
2. How does Stephanie Coontz argue for her views in text 2? Give examples from the text.
3. Taking your starting point in text 3, discuss whether young men need to be challenged differently in today’s society.

In the first text ‘The Demise of Guys”, written by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan, they’re talking about the struggling boys. There’s no doubt for them, that the boys are struggling in the society. The text starts out being a bit rude against boys, with some bias against the boys, saying there’s a lot of undermotivated guys in the school, and some of them may even be in prison. Philip and Nikita blame the society for expecting too much motivation from the boys, and not taking care of them. From the start they’re inhibiting guys from the creative and social abilities.
They’re talking about Hollywood also making the men like they’re only living for mindless fun, and not wanting to have a long-term romantic relationship, but just hang out with the boys.

Text 2:
In text two, ‘The Myth of Male Decline’ by Stephanie Coontz, she talks about the societies look on how the men and the women should react.
She starts out talking about some books point of view, where they’re saying that the women are the richer sex etc.
But that point of view gets shut down quickly, as she talking about that men are controlling the most important industries, and not many women are in the higher positions and on the top list of richest people in the US.
A point that seems to be very important in the text is the gender roles. She’s not fan of the fact, that as soon as the man helps at home and not always being masculine, then it doesn’t get accepted. The same for women, when they’re a bit more masculine, it often gets penalized.

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