‘Old boys’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Summary of “Old Boys”
Presentation of:
- Amberson
- Henry Winchester/ Winch
- Agnes
The target audience
The message to the audience
My Assessment of the film

The movie is about a boarding school situated in the countryside. This school is only for boys and the school motto is Virility age - act manfully (behave like a man)

The main character, Amberson, is at the bottom of the hierarchy and can in no way live up to the school's ideals of masculinity.

He tries to gain acceptance, but it's hard, as all the boys see him as a splice nerd.The boys all play the school's own game "streamers".

Mostly this game is just an organized fight where you eventually score. Here too Amberson is repeatedly humiliated as he is small and spliced and not built for this sport.

One day a new French teacher joins the school. He has a daughter who arouses great interest among the boys. Amberson has met the girl before and has built a small friendship with her.

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