A failing education system in USA | Essay | 10 i karakter

Education has been one of the most powerful and positive factors contributing to human rights.

Therefore, education is a favourable thing in itself, because it´s defined as the process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools, colleges or universities, to improve knowledge and develop skills .

However, in some countries the educational system is failing. An example could be the educational system in the United States of America. There can be several reasons why an educational system like the American is failing.

As a matter of insufficient coordination between educational institutes and employers, which is a particularly bad thing with the importance of education in mind for students, companies and the US economy.

Many students are graduating with skills that are not in high demand. That means that the U.S. labour participation rate at just 71% for young adults aged 20 – 24 is at its lowest figure since 1972 .

Fortunately, companies are starting to understand the earnestness of this situation and realize that they are well-positioned to make a difference.

The companies can make a difference via non-profits, policymakers and other partners. Companies must be strategic about what students are taught in reference to jobs where their skills are suited for.

The US economy depends on companies’ effort. JPMorgan Chase is committed to do its part, but they can´t do it alone.

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