Parenting Education: the perfect formula | Argumentive Essay | Tigerwomen | Engelsk

The way you choose to raise your child regarding school and their future adult life is something that not all parents do the same way.

What a good parent is, is something that’s different in all cultures, for example, are the Chinese children not raised the exact same way as other children in America for example. The values that Chinese parents give on to their children, is a lot different from the values that parents from the Western/American.

It is however agreed on by a lot of cultures that they want their children to be happy, strong, and confident in themself. All though they all wish the best for their kids, they have very different ways to achieve this.

You need to always be careful when you talk about specific people on representing a whole culture, but when talking about Amy Chua, studies on Chinese children and how they perform in school, it seems as so that there is some truth in her description of how she raises her children.

Amy Chua, the mother of two girls, thinks that she the perfect formula for education and success in general. Her two girls are being raised the old fashion and strict Chinese way.

The formula she uses, and as the traditional Chinese ways say, is for example that such things as sleepovers at friends, playdates, playing video-games and watching TV are not approved, and that grades that are lower than A often comes with negative and harsh comments, as it isn´t seen as good enough.

Because Amy Chua’s own parents were Chinese, she was also raised this way, and she thinks that the strict and though childhood plays a big part in here being confident and successful as an adult.

Because Amy feels this way about her own childhood and how she was raised, she herself wants to raise her daughters the same way, as she feels as so that they are going to benefit from it when they get older, some of the values that she wants them to get is dutifulness, hardworking and respectful.

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