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It is a stereotypical thing to say that Chinese mums are brutal mums or, if you prefer, tiger mothers. In the western world, their traditional way of raising their kids is frowned upon.

In countries like America, mothers almost feel outraged when hearing about the way Chinese mothers raise their children. However, are western kids happier than Chinese kids? And how much does the parenting differ from the east to the west?

Amy Chua, the author of battle hymn of the tiger mother, is a strong believer in the Chinese way of raising kids.

She was raised in this way and sets high standards for her daughters and expects nothing less than perfect grades, respect and a pair of music playing wonders.

However, a noticeable similarity between Chinese and American values or beliefs, is that they both see hard work as important.

In America, hard work is what you will need to achieve wealth and the so-called American Dream. Nevertheless, it seems like the Chinese way takes it a bit too far. They want them to work hard on specific things they choose.

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