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What Is Helicopter Parenting?
Why the Millennials’ Parents Will Continue to Stay Involved in Their Kids’ Lives at Work... and Why That’s a Good Thing
Helicopter Parenting Is a Trap. It’s Time to Break Free

The texts in section A focus on helicopter parenting. Text I was written by Kate Bayless and published in the American magazine Parents in 2013.

The text offers a comprehensive explanation of what helicopter parenting is and presents researchers attitudes on the topic.

According to the text, helicopter parenting is a term coined in 1969 by Dr. Haim Ginott who used it to describe teenagers’ parents who hover over their children.

Helicopter parenting, also known as overparenting, refers to parents who are overly involved in their children’s lives, be they toddlers, teenagers, or young adults.


Text II was written by Haydn Shaw and published on the website of The Huffington Post in 2014. The article presents a positive attitude towards parents being more involved in their children’s lives.

The writer acknowledges that helicopter parents who are always present in their children’s lives do not have a good reputation.

These parents do their children’s school projects for them and even call and interact with their children’s employers later in life.

However, as an involved parent himself, he believes that being part of his son’s life is a good thing.

He describes the way he helped his son with a job issue and how others might consider that his attitude hinders his son’s independence and resilience.

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