Is Club 27 a myth?

The past, the present and the future is filled with myths. Myths about historical events, people, or phenomena. Such historical myths help create and maintain our society and notions of a common origin.

The idea of a historical event, that anybody with 100% certainty knows how happened, allows us to have our own beliefs and thoughts.

It gives access to share and discuss our point of view, and see it from other perspectives, by sharing our thoughts. The reason why we still hold onto these myths is that myths are pure storytelling.

Everybody either likes to tell a good story or listen to someone tell a good story, and it gives us a chance to dig deeper into the originality of the indigenous story, which Dianna Kenny is her article “Why the club 27 is a myth” has done.

Every single living person on this planet knows, that there was a time before the present. That we, humans, originate from something that’s very far away.

Our present society is built up by people like the old Greeks and gods. They have given us things, such as democracy or philosophy. But a thing they also passed on through the years, is mythology.

Myths, such as the legendary Odyssey, King Midas with the golden touch or even Apollo and Daphne, probably sound familiar to big parts of the population.

These such myths are being passed on because humans like to believe in supernatural creations and actions. Myths can, for instance, explain our origins, and why we all act like we do since they provide an answer to the inexplicable.

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