‘The riot club’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

1. Summary
2. Make a characterization of the main characters
- Lauren:
- Harry Villirs:
- Alistair:
- Miles:
3. Try to explain the dynamics in this group - what triggers their actions?
4. What are their values/mottos - make a list
- Laura Wade:
- Members of the Riot Club:
5. How is the Riot club directly connected to British politics?
6. What does the movie show about social class, education, political power in Britain?
7. What do you learn about “posh” language in the movie? check the scene in the library between Miles and Lauren
8. What do you learn about class?

B. read this article from the huffingtonpost.co.uk
Answer the questions:
1. Find the known facts about the Bullingdon Club
2. Who used to be members?
3. Why is that spectacular?
4. Relate the real-life Bullingdon club to the fictional Riot club - why do you think the director, Lone Scherfig (she is Danish by the way), has chosen to tell the story about the “Bullingdon club/Riot club”?

Alistair and Miles start their first year at Oxford University, these two are very different, Miles is down to earth and happy to have a girlfriend

Lauren, from a lower background whilst Alistair is a snob with aspirations to follow his uncle, a Tory MP. The common bond is that both become members of the Riot Club

a long established elite drinking club priding itself on hedonism and the belief that money can buy anything.

Having been barred from most establishments in Oxford they have their annual dinner at the function room in a country pub, where their rowdy behavior angers other patrons though they reimburse Chris, the landlord.

They hire a prostitute but she refuses to perform group sex, then one of them rings Lauren, whom they importune to Max's horror.

Getting progressively more drunk and ingesting drugs they start to trash the room and, when Chris comes to complain, Alistair savagely assaults him, landing him in hospital.

Though shocked, none of the others do anything to stop him except Miles, who is attacked before ringing for an ambulance.

The boys are all arrested but believing that the club is more important than the individual they agree not to give statements and suggest that Miles, as the newest club member, should take the blame for the attack on Chris.


A Northern first-year student from a working class family who enters into a relationship with Miles at the start of the film.

Harry Villirs:
An older, charismatic student whose family is quite wealthy, though they partially maintain this by allowing tourists to view their home

something which deeply rankles Harry. His uncle, Jeremy, was previously a member of the Riot Club. And Harry is educated at Eton.

He is a first-year history student whose brother, Sebastian, was considered a 'legendary' member of the Riot Club.

Alistair is politically right, leading to intense conflict and rivalry with Miles. Alistair attended Harrow School, unlike his brother, who attended Eton College.

Alistair and the boys are all arrested but believing that their club is more important than the individuals, he along with the others agree not to give statements and go on to suggest that Miles, since he was the new.

Miles or 'Milo' Richards, he is also a first-year history student who joins the Riot Club. Miles is politically left and becomes dis illusioned and frustrated with the actions of his club mates.

He attended Westminster School.In ‘The Riot Club’, we meet first-year student Miles Richards and Alistair Ryle

who, thanks to their financially privileged background, are both admitted to the university's mysterious Riot Club.

Miles is an interesting character because he went to one of the greatest schools in all of the United Kingdom.

He definitely fits the criteria of the upper class. Nevertheless, he does not seem to share the posh values of the Riot Club members.

His problem is that he does not realise that before much later on. Miles is intellectually gifted and well mannered, but like everyone else, he is desperate to fit in.

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