Bullying. Bullying has always been a part of the world and it happens all the time. But how do we deal with it and how do we get along with it?

Some fight back, some receives the blows, and some learns how to get the bullies respect. The respect that can make you go free and not be a target anymore.

Dre Parker is the protagonist and can be described as constantly curios when he keeps asking Mr. Han questions. He is also shown as an outsider

that is clarified when he enters the school with uniform on a non-uniform day. This exposes Dre as a person who does not belong to the culture in China.

His curiosity appears when he wants to learn Kung-Fu, not only to take revenge on Cheng but also because he wants respect.

The movie manufactures Dre as a typical cocky American boy with blatant lies and smart comments, but on the other hand he is a fish out of water.

The unfamiliar environment makes him want to go back to America and frightens him. Therefore, we get the idea that he has to go through a development so adapt. So, he learns Kung-Fu and becomes friends with Mei Ying.