Pros and cons of kid influencing | Essay

Write an essay in which you discuss the pros and cons of kid influencing focusing on the role of companies, kids, parents, legislators and social media.

The text indicates that children who influence children can provide children with opportunities and opportunities to establish connections, so that they can start their careers at a very young age.

For example, as shown in the first video, the 9-year-old twins are mature influencers who work with big brands such as crocs and Givenchy. Then, they modeled the brand product on Instagram.

In the second article, they told us that seven-year-old Ryan made $22 million from YouTube in 2018. He is the protagonist of the YouTube channel RyanToysReview.

In the first video, they also mentioned that the Clements twins, who have more than 1 million followers, earn approximately $10.000 per post on Instagram.

They also said that the 6-year-old McClure twins could make more money. That is one of the advantages.

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