Pros and cons about social media | Essay | 12 i Karakter

Today social media is a big part of our lives. Especially the present generation, which is very heavy users. There is a lot of pros and cons of social media

but it is often the negative cons that get attention. A man called Gary Turk means that instead of looking down on the phone you should look up.

He thinks that you can miss so much, by looking down. He thinks the present generation is marked by idiocy.

One big and very spoken problem is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can occur in social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat.

It includes sending, posting or sharing negative, harmful, etc. content about someone. Often it also includes private or personal information.

This type of bullying is very common because it is so easy to do. It can be done anonymously and that is it is so easy to do.

It is one of the worst forms of bullying, because I happens every day, every minute. Often you don’t know who is the bullies, and sometimes you will never find out.

Teenagers and adults can use social media to find a community. That is great, but their mental health is often negatively affected. Comparison is a big reason.

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