Kid Influencers | Debate Essay

Nowadays, persons with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by recommending it on social media mainly are children. Therefore, a new phenomenon has been established called “kid influencers”.

In continuation of more and more people are using social media such as YouTube and Instagram, which are the perfect places for companies to make advertisement for their products.

Therefore, the phenomenon “kid influencers” has been a rising social media tend. In that way, children, who have a lot of followers, can easily influence which products the viewers are going to buy.

But how does the phenomenon “kid influencer” effect the companies, children, parents, legislators, and social media? This is exactly what this debate essay will focus on.

The law is named the “Coogan Law”, which requires that 15 percent of the earned money get put aside in a trust fund until they turn 18 .

Thus, it is not an option for the parents to spend all the money that their child brings in, and the child will as minimum have 15% of what they have earned on collaborating with companies and uploads on social media.

After all, companies earn money through their buyers, and social media earn money through their users based on “kid influencers”. Nonetheless, none of this would be possible, if the parents and the children didn´t love vlogging their life.

Thus, it seems like every aspect of being a “kid influencer” has a positive effect on the companies, parents, kids, legislator, and social media.

Still, every aspect of being a “kid influencer” is not positive. Pat Phillips, grandmother of the Clements Twins , says: “it gives them a lot of great opportunities, but I don´t know the other side of it.

I don´t know how it´s going to influence them as they get older” . Given that “kid influencers” is a new phenomenon there is no study, which illuminates how it will affect a child´s future being a “kid influencer”.

Merely, a genuine low percentage of “kid influencers” are old enough to fully understand the implications concerning the sharing of their childhood with millions of followers online .

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