Are influencers a good or a bad thing | Engelsk Essay

The industry for digital marketing trough kid influencers is a market in growth. More and more companies make millions of dollars trough kid influencers, and the law has a problem following the growth in the market.

More and more kids make tons of money at a young age. But what are the consequences that will follow further on in their lives.

That is a question that many experts speculate on. Some says it is taking their childhood away, other says it is a very good education

and that the kids get a inside look in the world of having a full-time job. But does the kids know, what a life without a camera stuck in their face is

and will they look back at their childhood, and believe that they had the best childhood possible.

On of the pros for the kids, which has a job as kid influencers, is the fact that a lot of kids will be very mature, and they will know, what it is like to work hard.

These points will give them some advantages latter on in their live because they already have that experience.

I also believe that it is an advantage for the kids to receive a lot of knowledge throughout the experience being a kid influencer.

They learn a lot about marketing on the social medias which they can use latter on, as an education or something else. I think that an underrated advantage for the kids is the confidence that the kids will build up.

A lot of kids are not confident with them selves which can be a problem in the early years off their childhood, and it can have consequences latter on in their lives.

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