You are probably familiar with the company Uber or have heard about it in the news. Uber is the first high-tech company that provides a certain service you may already know and have driven with before.

Taxis… Uber, are in many ways the new taxi, and you can only understand why, when looking closer at the invention.

If you only think Uber can get you a ride in a car, you are wrong. Uber offers unlike forms of transport, such as helicopters, a limousine, or a big fancy car.

With the new technology Uber has made it easier for people to get from a to b without much waiting time. As you can tell, people who have a connection to Uber have, have a strong opinion.

Some see the pros and the opposite. Looking at the bigger picture Uber has created jobs for thousands of people. Whether it is a full/part-time job or just a side gig.

Adalgisa Sanchez is an Uber driver, who couldn’t be happier working for Uber. She is in a position where she needs to plan her schedule while also earning money.

When working for Uber, the freelance contractors decide how many pickups they want to do a day, which allows them to be their own boss. With others, some have a much dissimilar view on Uber as a whole.