Is Uber here to stay? | Engelsk

If you had the choice of paying £55 to get from A to B, instead of paying £133, would you? I think many of us would choose the cheapest solution, because that is how our society works today.

We are selfish, and only think of what is best for us, but not what really benefits our society and the livelihood of others.

This is the reality of many taxi drivers around the world, and all this is created by the Uber concept. The Uber concept is described as “a ride-sharing network” with a smartphone app, which offers taxi-like service that connects a passenger and a driver.

In the articles “What is Uber and what should I think about the controversies?” and “Why is Uber so controversial” are the superior concept explained. Uber is “a San Francisco-based technology company” which was “launched in 2012” .

The app is supposed to act like a middleman between freelance minicab drivers and passengers. The main idea behind Uber was to create a radical and innovative competitor to the expensive and substandard service of regular taxis.

In other words, Uber is an Internet app, which competes with taxis on price as well as flexibility. The article “What is Uber…” describes how the service functions: “When a user opens the app, they will see a map showing their current location, and the drivers in the area.

If they request a car, booking request is sent to Uber which identifies the nearest available car, accepts the booking and allocates it to the car” . According to the article “What is Uber…”, the company get their payment through fees.

When an Uber user makes a profile, they attach their bank account details to the app, as all payments are virtual. From here, Uber takes a share and leaves the driver with costs for “fuel, maintenance and so on” .

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