Uber – Accepting the future? Engelsk HHX

What is Uber exactly?
In San Francisco Uber was established and founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick, who today is the managing director. The meaning of the smartphone app was to “acting like a middleman between the freelance minicab drivers and passengers”. The app offers a whole new opportunity to the community due to transportation. The app-specific dispatches rides, bills customers, track fares and pays the drivers. All this is done virtual, were the drivers function is being outsourced contractors. In other words, the Internet app Uber offers services, joining passengers and drivers very similarly to Taxis.

Therefore the Uber drivers have big advantages. All over France, the cap companies went to strike, and several civilian people attacked the Uber drivers. They threw eggs and stones at drivers’ cars. Some of them even pulled parts of the cars like the mirrors and destroyed the windows. So what is it about Uber that provoke Strike and Violence across the world communities?
Most of the dissatisfied people are the cab drivers, who think they are losing, to the fast growing company. This will result in, that they are losing their jobs in the future. And maybe they are right. Because in the period May-June 2015 on Manhattan, the pickups done by Uber drivers increased with 3,82 million, where pickups done by taxi drivers was decreased by 3,83 million. So why can’t taxi drivers compete with Uber, and why are they so deeply angry?

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