Uber’s impact in the Urban Mobility | Essay

Uber is a transportation company founded in 2009 in San Francisco. Uber is available on your smartphone device where you easily and elegantly can book a driver who can transport you from A to B.

With a few criteria, you can also become a driver and your own boss through their concept. You simply open the app and your mobile automatically activates your location where you can see your nearby transportation opportunities from there.

If you choose to ride an Uber rather than a black cap, it is the driver himself who is responsible for insurance for yourself in case of an accident.

Not many people know this, but it can have serious consequences as a result of this type of insurance.

Through Uber's business model, it's easy to apply to become a driver. Uber is looking at your criminal record and if you haven't breached some serious infractions in the past 7 years you could become an Uber driver in broad terms.

Your vehicle must pass a mechanical review which costs just $50 and right after that you have a job.

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