Good afternoon! My name is Terry Johnson and I come from Cambridge University. I am here today to join the debating competition about this years theme “UK challenges”. I will contribute with the subject “poverty in the UK”

Poverty in the UK is an increasing problem. More and more people are starting to become less and less fortunate. Some of the main reasons this happens are because of the high taxes and the increasing prices.

This has had a big influence on people's attitude, because they saw and recognized, how poorly everything was standing at the time.

This was one of the main things that was affecting people's attitude in form of the prime minister at the time (2019) Theresa May. People were starting to realize that she was “turning the blind eye” to this growing subject.

This was affecting more and more people in the UK government to turn on her. This was a debate that Theresa couldn’t stop, so at the UK election in 2019, she was swapped off by Boris Johnson, who is now the present prime minister of the UK.

The opinions on poverty is many, but there are mainly two head opinions on this subject. The first head opinion is mainly based on the poor, who thinks the rich shouldn’t have the rights to be so wealthy.