Good day ladies and gentlemen. My name is xxx xxxx, and I am a member of the debate team at Oxford University.

First, let me thank you for granting me the opportunity to speak at such a relevant event as the Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition. It is truly an honour, thank you!

Today, I will talk about what in my opinion is one of the biggest problems here in the UK. I am here to give a speech entitled “Poverty in the UK”.

Firstly, I am going to briefly account for the increasing poverty in the United Kingdom and its effects on the population.

The final point on my agenda is to discuss the different attitudes there are to poverty. I would say that there are two main viewpoints regarding poverty that come across.

The main disagreement has to do with the causes and possible solutions to the poverty issue, and not the poverty issue in itself. Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labor Party, is the first viewpoint.

He considers the Conservative government and their austerity policies at fault for causing poverty in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn does for example say that life expectancy has fallen by six months

infant mortality is rising and up. This month, we've also learned that a record 1.6 million food parcels were given out last year alone.

These numbers give out a negative picture of the current state of UK society of when the conservative government was in charge. The numbers indicate that both a health crisis and a poverty crisis exist.

The second viewpoint is by the former prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, Theresa May.

And it is mostly about how the Conservative government's policies are not at fault. And that the solution is the creation of a more sizeable number of jobs rather than more public spending.