Hello, my name is Kate Johnson. I am attending my third year at Westmore Highschool. I am a part of the debate team and I am pleased to be here today.

As you all know the theme of today is “UK Challenges”. I will be talking about one of the major problems in the UK, namely poverty.

At first, I will account for the increasing poverty in the UK. Second, I will discuss different attitudes to poverty and finally, I will talk about the possible consequences of the current austerity policies.

Poverty is especially harsh for children. Children are challenged in their development, both mentally-, learning- and physically wise. The children cannot learn in school if they do not get a good night’s sleep or if they do not eat breakfast.

Some schools around the country offer cheap breakfast for the children, so they can at least attend the classes satiated, so they have a better chance of doing well in school.

I once knew a boy at my old school, he was 7 years old. Each day he came hungry and exhausted to school, his mother was sick, and his dad left them both when the boy was only 2 years old.

The boy helped his mother after school, which resulted in that he did not have the time or energy to do his homework. Each day was a tough fight to get food on the table.