Good afternoonLadies and gentlemen, let me first present my name. My name is Laura Skytte and I'm a member of the debate team at Oxford University.

The first point I will tonight, I want to thank you for joining us at such a great and amazing event as the Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition, thank you!

Tonight, I will talk about what in my opinion is one of the more overlooked taboos here in Great Britain, more specifically Poverty.

One may wonder that thousands of families do not provide food for their families when one has access to basic food and thus it is a human right.

If I said that almost a fifth of the population naturally lives in poverty, and needs help to be able to feed his family and get warm in the house at home?

Poverty helps people not get the food they need, and before I start assessing the problem, I'll see if there's a fault. You could look at the conflict between right and left parties when you ask them about poverty and the overarching economic issues.